the new and upgraded framework laptop

May 19, 2022 on Eric Bower's blog

Today, just announced a new framework laptop.

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I purchased a framework laptop late last year and have been absolutely loving it. I have a separate review post for those interested.0

The new upgrades are:

One big complaint I have about the framework laptop was how flimsy the lid felt. It would stay in place for me, but if I had to walk around at all with it the lid would slowly become flat and flush to with the rest of the laptop.

For $90 I’m definitely getting this upgrade.

The mainboard I’m definitely excited about, especially the potential for power savings. However, for ~$450 which is half the price of the laptop, I have a much harder time justifying that purchase. I was hoping for an AMD or and ARM mainboard because I would be very interested in either of those.

People online have been speculating that the reliance on thunderbolt 4 is preventing framework from selling an AMD mainboard, even thought it’s just an implementation of USB4 and the new AMD CPUs support USB4.

Anyway, what I really love about this laptop is normally when there’s a new model of a laptop I usually get this intense sense of FOMO or buyer’s remorse.

I regularly think to myself:

If I would have waited to get a new laptop until now

I don’t feel that way at all with framework. They are clearly committed to selling any new models as upgrades to previous models, which is so refreshing.

I can’t wait to see what framework comes up with next and by the look of it, they are doing very well as a business so I expect to see them around for awhile.

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