dendrin (was wrmhole) status update, February 2022

February 9, 2022 on Eric Bower's blog


I wanted to update everyone on the status of wrmhole and the direction I’m taking application development.

Firstly, I wanted to announce that I’ve changed the name from wrmhole to dendrin. There are a couple of reasons for this name change:

As I’ve been building the product it has become more clear to me that the underlying data structure represents a tree more than anything else. I feel like this name better reflects the product and the domain name was available.

I’m not married to the name, but figured it will work for now. I’d be happy to read any other suggestions.

However, even with this name change, there is another app with a similar name

but I feel like the name is differentiated enough to be distinct.

Secondly, I’ve been spending more time thinking about my previous product and felt like there is an opportunity to grow the project management app out of something simpler.

Therefore, I’ve decided to turn into not just a single product but multiple products all leveraging the infinite list nature of the tree-like data structure.

To that end, my current strategy is to first build a micro-blogging platform specifically for lists. Users will be able to create lists and share them with the world on a platform that is minimalist and only has the things that are essential to sharing lists.

The underlying technology will be identical to the project management solution I’m building but it will allow me to validate some of the functionality first before building an entire project management product.

My next post I plan on diving deeper into the technologies I’m using to build dendrin so stay tuned.

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